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Over the years as a believer, I have truly learned what it means "to serve" and not "be served." Our culture is all about me, myself and I, which is the total opposite of what our spiritual culture teaches us: Jesus first, others second and ourselves last.

My family was a good example of lending a helping hand when needed and giving financially to help enrich the lives of others, especially the children. I look at those little faces, from my own country and around the world, and just melt. I want to give them everything to live healthy and safe lives so they can grow big and strong and love Jesus. And in turn, hopefully they can help those in need as well. And since I am not physically able to "go into all the world" as Jesus asks us to do, I can "go" to World Concern and be a volunteer, as they serve the world.



I have been volunteering at World Concern since October 2006. I wanted to do something meaningful –something that would impact my world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I wanted to alleviate suffering. Remembering the time I had volunteered with World Concern in my university years, I contacted them and found that they could use my skills in doing mailings and inputting into the computer.

Together with the people who donate and the staff workers, World Concern is providing shelter, food and water to disaster struck places like Haiti and Sri Lanka. Children are receiving education and their families hope for the future. Women are learning how to set up businesses through Microfinance which helps them climb out of poverty. Children are taught to be wise by avoiding potential trafficking situations, and those who were caught in slavery and freed are given a safe haven to learn skills and start a new life. I feel that I am a part of this rescue in my volunteer work and prayers.

I enjoy getting to know the thankful staff workers; they are a blessing. I feel that I am doing something to change the poverty, disaster situations and injustice in my world that I could not do on my own.



This past fall was my first volunteer work with World Concern, where I worked in the marketing department transcribing field interviews and writing thank-you notes to donors.

I have always had an interest in missions work, and have had a heart for poverty issues since I was in college. I studied poverty issues while earning a Latin American History degree at the University of Washington, and did short missions working with abused and neglected kids at Queen Louise Home for Children at Fredrikstead, St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

I love the fact that World Concern shares the Word of God via actions rather than words. The fact that people are out in the field doing things that help the lives of people, rather than just insisting on religious ritual, does more to spread the Word of God than any other action we could be doing. It’s actual love rather than religious rhetoric, and it’s what sets Christianity apart from the others. Volunteering at World Concern has helped me rekindle my passion to help solve poverty issues across the globe, and I hope to do far more of that in the upcoming years.