Please Pray With Us

“Hear my prayer, LORD; let my cry for help come to you.” Psalm 102:1

Below are some of the situations that are heavy on our hearts. All of us here at World Concern are praying fervently for breakthroughs in these and other crises—and want to encourage you that we are seeing God answer prayer.

Please pray with us …

For Peace in Haiti

Just this morning, we heard hope in our Haiti country representative’s voice for the first time in months, as he shared the words “relatively calm” in reference to one small area of Port-au-Prince. The city has been under siege and controlled by violent gangs for more than a year now. Water, food, and fuel are increasingly difficult to find, and people are suffering under a tremendous weight of stress.

Please pray that this small pocket of calmness in one neighborhood spreads to others, and that God would send His peace to Haiti. Please pray for an end to the violence and for protection of and provision for innocent citizens.

For People Affected by Flooding in Chad

We’ve also just learned that severe flooding has submerged two of the villages where World Concern is working in Chad. The government of Chad has declared a state of emergency, and more than a million people have been affected. With farmland destroyed, and roads and other infrastructure washed away, Chad is facing a long-term crisis. Please pray for the families and communities we’re serving in Chad that are affected by these floods.

For Children and Families Suffering from Hunger in Somalia

The UN says one child is being admitted every minute for medical treatment for malnutrition in Somalia as the nation faces the worst drought in a century. In August, 44,000 children were admitted for treatment of severe acute malnutrition. As a supporter of World Concern, you have answered the call to help, and our teams are working tirelessly to rush aid to hungry children and families. Thank you.

The people of Somalia and Kenya need our prayers. Please pray for an end to the drought, for God to send rain on this parched land, and for people to seek the One who hears their heart cries for help and comes to their aid.

Thank you for joining us in lifting these critical needs before the Lord in prayer.

God bless you.