Please Pray With Us

“Hear my prayer, LORD; let my cry for help come to you.” Psalm 102:1

Below are some of the situations that are heavy on our hearts. All of us here at World Concern are praying fervently for breakthroughs in these and other crises—and want to encourage you that we are seeing God answer prayer.

Please pray with us …

For Peace in Haiti

It’s nearly impossible to put the current state of Haiti into words. Widespread gang violence, lack of access to basic needs like water and increasing threats of hunger-related disease have the small country in a death grip. I am reaching out to you today to ask that you’d stop what you’re doing in this very moment to join World Concern in prayer for Haiti.

I urge you to please pray for peace, for our staff on the ground in Haiti, and for an end to the ongoing violence—in Jesus’ name. Our staff face the risk of death daily as they seek to serve those in need, with some staff even driven from their own homes.

Please pray that the peace of Christ would reign in Haiti.

For People Without Access to Clean Water

There is an urgent and life-threatening global need for clean water. Without it, children and families are left helpless. Many are in need of disease-free water through wells, water filters, water catchment systems and more—but simply don’t have access. A recent report from Action Against Hunger states that, “Globally, only 36% of appeals for water- and sanitation-related funding were met in 2023, leaving a 64% gap.”

Please pray for better access to clean water for families around the world. By supporting World Concern, you are standing in the gap to bring clean water access to families globally.

For Children and Families Suffering from Severe Hunger in South Sudan

South Sudan is facing emergency levels of hunger as the rainy season approaches. Floods that threaten to destroy crops, violence and unrest, and an influx of more than 700,000 refugees from Sudan and Ethiopia place a strain on the food supply that teeters on the brink of famine. As a supporter of World Concern, you have answered the call to help, and our teams are working tirelessly to battle malnutrition and support the most vulnerable hungry children and families. Thank you.

The people of South Sudan need our prayers. Please pray for an end to the hunger crisis, and for people to seek the One who hears their heart cries for help and comes to their aid.

Thank you for joining us in lifting these critical needs before the Lord in prayer.

God bless you.