Company Matching

Company matching means double the good.

When your company matches employee gifts to World Concern, everyone benefits! Teaming up to help needy families is a great way to maximize your tax-deductible giving, while building unity and loyalty in the workplace.

If you want your gifts matched by your employer, please contact your Human Relations department for details. If your company does not have a matching gift program, ask for one! After filling out your matching gift form from the HR department, mail your donation to World Concern Matching Gifts, 19303 Fremont Ave. North, Mailstop 44, Seattle, WA 98133. Both you and your employer will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

For U.S. government employees, our Combined Federal Campaign number is: 11386.

If you have any questions about company matching please feel free to contact Kristin Spencer.

Thank you for your generosity.