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Hindu Para

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This is Hindu Para

Barefoot children in tattered clothes trudge through piles of garbage and mud puddles that line the pathways of the community of Hindu Para in rural Bangladesh. The nearly 500 families that live here occupy rusting tin huts where up to six people often share one bed. Families here are constantly sick from contaminated water and food.

Considered some of the poorest people in their country, residents of Hindu Para are in desperate need of help. Most families cannot afford to send their children to school and instead are forced to marry their daughters off at a young age. Women, whose job it is to care for the family, are left to fend for themselves while their husbands travel to find even two or three days’ worth of work. Unable to provide enough food for their families, most people eat only a handful of rice and vegetables a day. Their situation is dire and the people of Hindu Para need your help.

Hindu Para Needs

Clean Water

You’ll empower villagers to find and build innovative solutions to the water crisis.

Economic Empowerment

Parents will learn job skills, join savings groups, and be empowered to support their children.


A village classroom, supplies, and teacher training will educate children.

Food & Nutrition

Farming and livestock training will enable families to have ample nutritious food year-round.

Local Story

Maleka's Story

Maleka is tired. With a sleeping baby in one arm and another child pulling at her side, it’s easy to see that this young mother of four boys, who doesn’t even know her own age, has lived a life well beyond her years. Unable to afford their own home, Maleka and her family live in a small room attached to her father-in-law’s house. Of her four children, who are often sick with high fevers, stomach pains and body aches, Maleka can only afford to send one of her sons to school.

“We are just barely surviving,” she explains about the health and state of her family, “We struggle without enough food to eat…this is my reality, you can see how difficult my life is.”

When her abusive husband disappears for weeks at a time, Maleka spends her days fearing his return. Although she tries to take out loans to help support her family and treat her baby’s pneumonia, she has not been successful. “In my suffering no one comes to help me…no one even listens to me,” says Maleka.

God has not forgotten Maleka, or the people of Hindu Para, however. And with your partnership, they will experience true transformation and realize their full potential.

Become a Monthly Partner

Your monthly gift of $39 will meet physical and spiritual needs and bring lasting change to the families in this village. Join the transformation in Hindu Para today!

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