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South Sudan
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This is Kuanya

An entire generation of residents – some 1700 families – in the village of Kuanya, South Sudan, have known nothing but hunger, sickness, loss, and war. Most everyone here is so hungry, they are forced to eat leaves to survive. Their water source is a hole in the ground that fills every few hours with muddy water teeming with insects. Few can read or write, and children are forced to quit school to care for younger siblings. While the situation in this village is dire, the people here are eager for change…

Kuanya Needs

Clean Water

You’ll empower villagers to find and build innovative solutions to the water crisis.


A village classroom, supplies, and teacher training will educate children.

Food & Nutrition

Farming and livestock training will enable families to have ample nutritious food year-round.

Spiritual Transformation

You’ll support local church leaders and bring the hope of Christ to Kuanya.

Local Story

Mary’s Story

Mary lives in Kuanya Village. She hasn’t eaten in two days and her tummy aches with emptiness. She is so hungry that she is eating leaves to survive.

“I cannot sleep when I’m hungry. I cannot walk well. I have pain in my stomach. All I can think about is food,” she cries.

This is the terrible reality in her village of Kuanya, South Sudan.

A weary village father describes Kuanya like this …

“You want to know how hungry and sick we are? Then let me take you to the tombs of my two children.”

Now imagine Mary’s life … but with you in it – side-by-side – you will help her through and make sure she grows up happy and healthy. This is the future your monthly support will bring.

Become a Monthly Partner

Your monthly gift of $39 will meet physical and spiritual needs and bring lasting change to the families in this village. Join the transformation in Kuanya today!

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