Your partnership as a One Village Transformed sponsor will help transform the lives of those in Lolkuniani. Your monthly gift of $39 will help provide immediate assistance like deworming pills and safe drinking water. As you walk alongside the families in this community, your support will equip them with the ability to produce more than enough food through livestock training and savings groups. You’ll also provide a sustainable source of clean water and safe hygiene practices to keep them healthy.

With all of this, we’ll engage the local church and provide spiritual support – like Bibles, pastor training and more importantly, a growing knowledge of God’s love for each person in Lolkuniani.

With your support, the village of Lolkuniani will be transformed into a thriving, self-sufficient community with healthy, safe children and families. Your monthly gift will help provide:

  1. Sustainable sources of nutritious food
  2. Access to clean, safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene training
  3. Opportunities for spiritual growth
  4. Income opportunities for parents so they can provide for their children

For $39 a month, you will make a powerful and lasting impact in the lives of struggling families.

Hope is coming to Lolkuniani… Through your support, you’ll walk alongside families here, as together, we see One Village Transformed.