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This is Lolkuniani

Lolkuniani village sits on the outskirts of eastern Kenya, a community steeped in tradition and struggling to provide food, healthcare, and clean water for their families and livestock.

Families are hungry, consistently missing at least one meal a day as they try to keep their livestock – their main source of food and income – alive without enough food and water.

Women in Lolkuniani walk up to six hours a day to dusty riverbeds to dig for water – water filled with bacteria, disease, and debris. The local health clinic is rarely stocked with needed medicine, and children live with cramping bellies from drinking this unclean water. And with little exposure to the Gospel, the community is searching for hope beyond themselves.

The people of Lolkuniani are ready for change. The transformation of Lolkuniani village from a life of uncertainty to one of joyful abundance is only possible with you.

Lolkuniani Needs

Clean Water

You’ll empower villagers to find and build innovative solutions to the water crisis.

Economic Empowerment

Parents will learn job skills, join savings groups, and be empowered to support their children.

Food & Nutrition

Farming and livestock training will enable families to have ample nutritious food year-round.

Spiritual Transformation

You’ll support local church leaders and bring the hope of Christ to Lolkuniani.

Local Story

Nolkeresi’s Story

Nolkeresi and her family need help desperately. They are sick because of the water they drink. And Nolkeresi is worn out from hauling it.

Just imagine walking for six hours every time you need to get water for your family to drink. That’s how long it takes Nolkeresi to get water for her family of eight children.

She leaves home at 5 a.m. to walk to a sandy riverbed where she digs with her hands until she sees a small pool of water. Then she scoops the water into her 5-gallon jerrican, one cup at a time. When it is full, it weighs more than 40 pounds. Carrying this, she walks home in time to make lunch for her children and give them something to drink.

As hard as it is to get water, the saddest part of this story is that the water Nolkeresi brings her children is contaminated with bacteria and parasites. It often makes them sick. Nolkeresi knows this, but there is nothing she can do about it.

She wants a better, healthier future for her children. This could be possible with you.

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Your monthly gift of $39 will meet physical and spiritual needs and bring lasting change to the families in this village. Join the transformation in Lolkuniani today!

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