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This is Otheko

Consisting of just 224 households, the village of Otheko is located in the West Nile region of Uganda.

The people of Otheko are mostly farmers, working small plots of land and producing for household consumption. The main crops grown in the area are cassava, maize, tomatoes, onions, rice and beans. Despite being a farming community, the crops typically yield very little, and the village faces food insecurity regularly.

In general, community members in Otheko are unable to read or write. The majority of the young men and women were not able to complete primary school, and they do not have basic educational qualifications that can enable them to become self-employed or to be employed for income generation. And, while there is a primary school in the community, there is no secondary, vocational or tertiary school available to attend.

Otheko Village also faces a significant water scarcity in their community, with many people drinking water from open streams. Because of this, cases of intestinal worms, skin infections, diarrhea and other sanitation related diseases run rampant in the community.

Income per capita in Otheko remains very low. In fact, six in ten households reported that they resort to just two meals a day during hunger season, with the hunger season typically lasting six months.

Here’s the good news: the families of Otheko are ready for change. With your support, they will experience lasting transformation and a bright future for themselves and the next generation.

Otheko Needs

Clean Water

You’ll empower villagers to find and build innovative solutions to the water crisis.


A village classroom, supplies, and teacher training will educate children.

Food & Nutrition

Farming and livestock training will enable families to have ample nutritious food year-round.

Spiritual Transformation

You’ll support local church leaders and bring the hope of Christ to Otheko.

Become a Monthly Partner

Your monthly gift of $39 will meet physical and spiritual needs and bring lasting change to the families in this village. Join the transformation in Otheko today!

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