Humanitarian Aid

Dedicating a week of prayer for Haiti

World Concern
November 19th, 2021

While praying for Haiti this week, I read a story about a mom with a very ill infant who desperately needed treatment at a hospital in Haiti. However, with the severity of events in Haiti, she found herself searching for an extended period and far distances for a hospital that is open and operational to care for her baby. As I continued reading, I realized this story only touches the surface of many for the unfathomable reality of those in Haiti right now.  Haiti truly needs this week of prayer.

Prayer Week

Maybe you’re like me and sometimes feel that some of the gut-wrenching events and turmoil happening in other countries are so much bigger than yourself. You’re kind of right. See, many of us may not be in a position to go and fix things for our neighbors physically, but we can most definitely commit to praying for them. And that is the first step we can take right here and right now.  

With our prayers this week, we can devote time to pray specifically for a revival in Haiti. We can look in scripture and be reminded of Mark 2:1-12 and recall the events of Jesus forgiving and healing the paralytic man by the radical faith of his friends who went to the extreme for him to receive healing. That is the power of prayer we are believing in for Haiti. We’re praying that the prayers and power of Christ will be a catalyst of revival and cover the present crisis in the entire country.  

Pray with us as we pray the following for Haiti:

  • Nonprofit and mission staff in Haiti 
  • Hope and restoration for Haiti’s economy 
  • The church in Haiti 
  • The leadership of Haiti, its government, and the political and security situation in Haiti 
  • The people of Haiti

I sometimes have to remind myself that catastrophes, casualties, and crises are no respecter of persons – this alone is a reason to approach them with genuine empathy. Whether near or far, we can stand in the gap and pray for Haiti. The ability to join together for an entire week and pray with faith, humility, and intentionality for those whose lives are and have been impacted and forever changed is what this week is about.  

Be encouraged and empowered by knowing you can pray for those impacted, and it's your thoughtful prayers that can reach the corners of Haiti. Continue praying for Haiti with us by visiting our prayer page. And stay connected with our content.