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Economic Empowerment

A stable income means parents can give their children the proper nutrition they need to thrive, provide medicine when they are sick, and send them to school. Entire communities are helped when families are financially secure and able to give back.

How You Help

Savings groups

Village Savings Groups provide training in money management and small business entrepreneurship. They enable members to save and borrow for business or family needs, which are repaid with interest and add to the group’s account balance.

Micro Loans

Your gift provides capital from which micro loans can be given to a mom or dad to start or grow a small business. Loans, combined with business training provide a sustainable income for families.

Vocational training

When you give, men and women learn job skills so they can earn a living wage. This comes in many forms, depending on the location of the community. In South Sudan it may be farming and fishing skills. In Bangladesh it may sewing or motorbike repair. These skills equip men and women to open their own businesses or earn extra money to support their families.

Local Story

Savings Groups Support Families’ Futures

Rupjan rarely complains, but there’s no doubt her life is difficult. A widow of five years, she carries the burden of caring for five children, including three daughters who were born blind. The girls struggled to provide for themselves and their mother.

Then Rupjan joined a savings group you helped bring to her village in Bangladesh. Since joining, she’s opened a small shop selling food and household goods to neighbors and friends. Rupjan’s daughters (and one granddaughter) joined in, and now the family has money to regularly buy food and necessities to keep them healthy and strong.

Because of this savings group, Rupjan and her daughters have financial independence for the first time!

"We are overwhelmed to get the support from World Concern,” Rupjan said. “We cannot express our gratitude in words to all the people supporting us. My blind daughters are engaged in our small business, and I feel good about this. We pray that World Concern always supports people in need."

How We Help

The context in each village is unique. We start with the most critical, urgent needs: water, food, and safety. Long-term, families are equipped to earn income and support themselves. They become healthier, and begin to save and plan for the future. And through it all, they experience the transformative power of God’s love.

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