Spiritual Transformation

We meet practical, life-saving needs, but we believe that there is a greater need. A universal one we all share: Reconciliation with God. Meeting practical physical needs is critical to transformation, but it’s not enough in itself. Holistic transformation is also spiritual. Physical change combined with spiritual transformation is powerful and will last.

How You Help

Bibles and other materials

When you give a written or audio Bible and other discipleship materials you open the Word of God to people who have never heard it. Reading or hearing the Bible in their own language brings people to faith, helps them grow in Christ, and equips them to share with others.

Training pastors and evangelists

You can provide training for pastors and evangelists who spread the good news. These faithful men and women are eager to learn and to share the truth of the Gospel with their neighbors and surrounding villages. God is using you to transform hearts and lives when you give.

Church planting

Many believers in remote villages meet under a tree for their church services. With your support, local churches are equipped with the tools and materials to build a structure for worship and teaching which provides a home for them to meet year-round in any kind of weather.

Local Story

Audio Bibles Bring God’s Word to the Unreached

Sharing the gospel is difficult among the Morans – young men in the Samburu culture who guard their villages in Northern Kenya. The young warriors live out in the bush and are isolated, lonely, and allowed to do whatever they like as long as they protect the village.

Recently, the Morans were invited to watch “The Jesus Film.” Ninety came, and many prayed to accept Christ as their personal Savior at the end of the day. Many of them were happy to receive audio Bibles.

“Can I have a Bible?” asked one.

“I cannot read, but I want to listen to the audio Bible!” shared another.

“We need a church here in Lolkuniani!” exclaimed one more.

Recently, a group of Morans started a discipleship training with pastors from the nearest town.

Imagine the life-changing impact the gospel has for a Moran. A personal relationship with the Lord changes everything for them. Suddenly they have something to rely on that is greater than themselves, someone to take care of them, and an eternity with Jesus to look forward to. They are set free and filled with joy as they listen to the truth. You can see it on their faces!

How We Help

The context in each village is unique. We start with the most critical, urgent needs: water, food, and safety. Long-term, families are equipped to earn income and support themselves. They become healthier, and begin to save and plan for the future. And through it all, they experience the transformative power of God’s love.

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