Who We Serve

World Concern’s child trafficking prevention programs are focused primarily in Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

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How We Help

World Concern believes that prevention is the key to curbing the increase in child trafficking and exploitation. We work to keep children safe in their community by providing educational opportunities to the most vulnerable. We teach children about the dangers of trafficking, and how to keep themselves safe.

Awareness Training / Through informal workshops and classes, children learn about child abuse, traffickers’ scams, and their rights as children.

Job Skills / It is a harsh reality that in many poor countries, children leave home to find work to help support their families. We provide skills, like sewing, jewelry making, or motorbike repair, so they can earn income safely, close to home, and stay in school.

Education / Children who are wandering the streets instead of being in school are vulnerable. We provide them with basic education opportunities and encourage them to stay in school.


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Together, we provide opportunities for lasting change and sustainable improvements in the health, lives, and livelihoods of those in greatest need.