How You'll Help

For $39 a month, you’ll take part in this transformation, knowing lives are being improved in lasting ways. Working with leaders and community members, we help identify the specific needs of the village and the community takes part in its own transformation. While each village is unique, some of the most critical needs in the areas where we work include:

Water Clean Water & Sanitation

Access to clean water is a top priority, and it is vital to the health and survival of families. Building wells, latrines, and teaching hygiene skills is the first step in improving the health of children and families.

Education Education

Many villages where we work don’t have a school, and children walk for miles to the nearest school, or the school is inadequate. Most families cannot afford even small school fees or uniforms for their children. Knowing that education is the key to a better future for poor children, we focus on improving access so they can attend school regularly, close to home.

Food Security Food Security & Income

In most rural villages, families depend on farming or animal herding for survival. Drought, flooding and disasters can severely affect food security, and parents struggle to feed their children. You’ll help provide business opportunities, agricultural training and financial services to establish reliable sources of income.

We select villages based on the greatest need. With support from people like you, lives are being transformed in unreached, remote communities. Through regular updates, you'll meet the families you're helping, and be part of a life-changing partnership. Click on a picture to learn more about how you can help partner with a specific community.

Church Partnerships

Partner with a specific village through World Concern's One Village Transformed campaign. Email us for information about how your church can transform a village.